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    I get a lot out of reading the conversations here on Treeleaf, but I don't often have much to contribute. I started wondering how many others are out there mostly watching the conversations, so I took a look at the membership statistics.

    As far as I can tell, 1200+ people have taken the time to create accounts, nearly 200 people are watching Jundo's blog videos each day, and something like 53 have posted on the forums.

    Thank you Jundo for running this Zendo, and thank you everyone else for the thoughts, conversations, art, and other contributions.


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    On reflection, that 1200 number seems to be inflated by quite a lot of spammers... yikes.

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    Hi Ryan,

    The other numbers are right, but not the 1200 number. That does represent spammers.

    I like to think, however, that I would do the 'Sit-a-Long with Jundo' sittings if nobody were watching, or just 1 person.

    Gassho, J

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    I came across a beautiful quote on this today, by 'Homeless' Kodo Sawaki Roshi ...

    The number of followers doesnít determine if a religion is good. If it were simply a matter of who had the largest numbers, doesnít the club of ordinary people have the most members? No, itís the bacteria. Thereís even more of them!

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    53 in this forum?! Wow, I thought that 1200 seemed mighty high.

    No wonder it always seems so personal and intimate here. I have never experienced that in an online forum before. Then again, before Treeleaf I was on a much larger non-denominational Buddhist forum that boasts about 13400 members. It was alright, but it was a real train wreck of opinions and conflicting beliefs from all the various Buddhist traditions. I find the cozy atmosphere here in Treeleaf very refreshing on contrast to the more metropolitan forums around.

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    My thoughts exactly.

    And I find refreshing that you have a quote from the great 19th century Buddha, Ralph Waldo Emerson, in your signature. He's one of my heroes!


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