I just registered for this forum, and wanted to say hello. I am Helena, I live with my husband and daughter in a small town in The Netherlands. I became interested in Zen after reading Brad Warner's Hardcore Zen. Until then, I was a big cynic for everything that smelled like Eastern Religion, because there seem to be so many fake "holy persons" and I did not like the whole "ME ME ME" vibe that I got off it. Even though not everything Brad said resonated with me, I found it really refreshing that he did not present himself as some better person that knew everything and was in a state of bliss all or most of the time. It also helped that Brad wrote that buddhism did not equal reincarnation.

So, I started reading some more books and blogs, and found out that these ideas were quite common in Zen. Then I found Treeleaf, through a blog that I followed. I like that Jundo is down-to-earth, has a family himself and seems to constantly find topics to talk about that are relevant to my life at that time. I still haven't started a regular zazen practice, and I hope that participating in this community will stimulate me to do so. I do however, already notice changes in my life, just from being more present.

I am looking forward to getting to know all of you!