I am probably guilty of idle talk now, but do you ever have "buddhist" dreams? Dreams that encouraged your practise?

I remember several, the most recent: I crossed some unknown sunny courtyard and stopped in front of a wide canteen where lots of very young men, apparently monks, where sitting at tables. Someone said aloud (in German of course):

Zen is the freedom to be what you are.

Quite a platitude. But in the dream the words had an unexpected profoundness and freshness and they triggered a distinct sense of relief. Once more I felt
- how convinced I was that there is absolutely nothing to achieve in life other than to recognize yourself.
- how much I longed to end that aimless struggle that my life mostly is,
- how increasingly bored I was with any ideas and judgments about "myself".

I repeated the words over and over while waking up. Then I scratched my head: How do you become what you already are? Obvious: just (and only) be ...

Bother to share a dream?