I remember being a Kid. What year? Don't know. I remember the feelings of wanting to be accepted by others. I remember the fear. I remember the excitement, but I also remember the creativity. I remember walking down the school hallway, the smells, sights, and colours. I remember being excited about the new books that people were selling at the school. I remember loving to draw. I remember loving movies. I remember the smell of slushy snow and numb hands. I remember friends and acting spaceballs from beginning to end. I remember being a ninja at night.

I, remember the french fries and gravy that we had at the handicapped place where our class went to help and make pottery. I remember my brother sticking up for me at school. And most of all I remember Star Wars, and playing Dungeons and Dragons (for real) on a summer afternoon. I remember the smell of summer grass, and shit flies etc...

So. What happened? Where Did the wonder go?


Gassho Will