Without a computer these days, I'm not as able to 'drop in' here, at Treeleaf.
And, I was also thinking of Paige, whom I would imagine, while not making comments in forums here these days, is practicing horizontal zazen in the hospital zendo.

Similarly to 'everyone has buddha nature, just not everyone has Realized it yet' I think we step in and out of zendos all day and practice with an multitude of sanghas: we exit one zendo only to enter another: the zendo of the coffe shop, the zendo of the farmers' market, the zendo of the elevator, the zendo of the operating room. In each one, we practice with the sangha there--the sangha of the coffee shop, the sangha of the elevator, the sangha of the surgical team.

Sangha members are numberless I vow to practice with all of them:
zendo's are infinite I vow to practice in all of them;
Delusions are like weeds: continuously abundant, I vow to be thorough and vigilant in removing them, their seeds and roots.
Dharmas are boundless I vow to know them all by heart;
The Buddha Way is without beginning, without end, in starting it I vow to complete it.

So I will bow out of this sangha, and enter the city bus zendo of the bus riders' sangha--while I head over to the doctor's office zendo and the sangha of office staff and patients. (You lose your car keys, you get to visit other zendos on wheels!)