I am aware of the precept against the consumption of mind altering substances. In fact, I understand why this is "good" dharma. Even a beer or two does a pretty good job of clouding my mind. But, I have to admit I enjoy a glass of wine or a pint of beer --- both for the flavor and the relaxing effects.

Right now as I type this I'm in a rather gloomy mood and about to pour a second drink, as I listen to sad music. I know this will not improve my mood, in fact I rather enjoy wallowing in this melancholy stew.

My question is not about whether or not this is breaking the precepts, I think these are questions best answered by ourselves. I suspect that I am a precept breaker (not just on this one, lol). What I am questioning is if this attachment is fundamentally an attachment to the self visa a vi an attachment to sense pleasures. Not so much looking for answers, just feeling the need to air my dirty laundry.

Take Care