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Thread: Introductions

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    I am new to the cybersangha and I simply wish to say hello.

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    From one newbie to another, welcome!


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    Hi Malcolm,

    Welcome aboard.


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    Hi Malcolm,

    When you can, please tell us some more about your Practice, life story and all that fun stuff. It helps us get to know each other, by sharing the story lines of the fictional movies that we are all living! :-)

    Gassho, Jundo

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    Hey Malcolm,

    Welcome to Treeleaf!


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    Welcome Malcom.



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    Hi everybody. I decided to post my intro here instead of making a new thread to keep the clutter down.

    So... some basics I guess. I hail from Finland. I would tell you how difficult it gets here in the winter with all the polar bears and whatnot, but I already saw you have few of us northern barbarians here so they might call my bluff.

    As you can probably see from my image on the left I am a male (them bearded ladies are rare even here), currently going little past my first quarter of a century.

    I don't recall exactly when I got interested in Buddhism - it was a long time ago, but I didn't exactly start digging up what it's all about until few years ago when I read Osamu Tezuka's magnificent story about the life of our favourite Gautama. After that I read a little about everything but not really feeling at ease with all the different traditions. However, when I saw, bought and read Hardcore Zen I knew I had hit something I want to take a closer look at.

    That was in 2006. After that I've read both books by Brad Warner, few from Watts, followed Nishijima's, Warner's and Treeleaf blogs and am currently going through Meeting the Real Dragon (I have Nishijima/Cross translation of Shobogenzo waiting). Oh, and I've also done some zazen in the meantime. Not as often as I should though, but I try to set up a daily routine. Hopefully following Jundo's blog and this board will help too.

    So here I am. 8)

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    Hi Mika,

    Sounds like you're off to a good start -- welcome.


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    Mika and Malcom...welcome! Looking forward to your offerings here so don't be shy!



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    Hi Mika,

    Welcome to Treeleaf! Excellent to have you here.


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    Hello guys!
    Welcome to treeleaf. Nice to see more Finns here also

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