Hellos to All:
Keith started a different forum off with a translation of the Four Bodhisattva Vows (the Four Great Vows). Jundo in one of his posted comments also expressed an interest in various translations.

I thought I'd start this forum here where we could 'park' the translations we come across, for those interested in this kind of thing and so inclined (it might be helpful to also include with the Four Great Vows, the source of the particular translation).

From Jiyu Kennett's book Selling Water by the River this rendtion of the Four Great Vows:

I vow to save others endlessly,
I vow to cease from desire for eternity,
I vow to study the Dharma for ever,
I vow to perfect Buddhism in all lives and in all worlds.

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From Sitting Frog Sangha:

Beings are numberless; I vow to save them all.
Obstacles are countless; I vow to overcome them all.
Dharma gates are limitless; I vow to enter them all.
The Buddha Way is endless; I vow to follow it.

(Translations from Japanese by Dogo Barry Graham)

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From Sangha of the Compassionate Heart

However innumerable all beings are,
I vow to save them all

However inexhaustible my delusions are,
I vow to extinguish them all

However immeasurable the Dharma Teachings are,
I vow to master them all

However endless the Buddha Way is,
I vow to follow it completely

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