I've seen some people post stuff talking about attachment. Saying stuff like avoiding attachment to things. I think some of us have to stop for a second and not take things too seriously. One of the best parts of practice is being human. Crying, Laughing, giving a gift, smiling, saying thank you etc...

My insight into attachment is just the ways that we don't see clearly. If we have absolutely no attachment to anything than it is hard to do anything. Like listen to music, or things you enjoy; and yes I think there are things that you can enjoy. If you prefer to live in the woods in a hut than this doesn't pertain to you.

Attachment is the way that we contract our thoughts about a specific thing. Like your car. Attaching yourself to your car. The point is to enjoy your car while you have it, but don't worry too much if it gets stolen. Anyway, just my thoughts on some of the things I've been hearing people say on the postings.

Deep Gassho