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Thread: Buddhist sites in Japan and China?

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    Buddhist sites in Japan and China?

    I know this is a little bit off-topic and probably betrays some undue attachment to "place", but I'm going to be traveling to Japan and China next month, and thought I would reach out here as I know some of you are in those countries.

    Specifically, I'm wondering whether anyone can suggest any Buddhist sites of interest that I might otherwise miss. I'm going to be visiting Tokyo, Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou, and Hong Kong. Is there anywhere in Tokyo where a visitor might sit?

    Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.


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    Shanghai doesn't have any zen centers that I know of. I think there is a monastary in Huangzhou. You might not be able to sit there. It is where Dogen had his awakening. They usually don't let poeple sit in the zendo who haven't taken monastic vows or something like that, but you never know. Sorry I don't have the name. I read an article about it.

    There is one in Hong Kong. It's the only one there so just search google. I don't believe it's Soto Zen.

    You also might want to check out Pu tuo shan. It is an Island close to Shanghai that has many Buddhist temples and monastaries. I think there's a Soto Zen monastary there.

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    Hi Ryan,

    Please drop me a line privately at, and I will try to help you plan something for the Japan part. I would invite you out to our Zendo ... but we don't have any floors right now and are living in the kitchen until that is fixed. However, I can suggest some places around Tokyo and elsewhere in Japan, depending on your interest and schedule.

    Gassho, Jundo the Travel Agent

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