Just wanted to say how much I appreciate the daily talks. I know it must take a lot of time, and being a dad of a young son too, I can imagine how hard it can be to pull off every day!

I was having an off day yesterday. We actually had a nice day as my wife was off work and we went into town, had lunch and shopped around. My son even had a great time (not always the case for a toddler)! Then, I started to slip into my old habit of worrying about finances after we got home. That's the downside of being a stay at home dad.

Well, I finally got to sit late in the afternoon and went from monkey mind to falling asleep. Sat again after my son went to bed last night and had pretty much the same experience. Sat again around midnight when my wife went to bed and it was only a little better. Around 0045 I finally got around to listening to Jundo's talk. JUST SIT ZAZEN!!! (Wild eyed teacher pointing his finger at me though the screen :lol: ). So I sat one more time. This time alert, not falling asleep, monkey mind beaten to a pulp already. Gassho Jundo. I needed that!