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Thread: comic: kyosaku confrontation

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    Kind of paints the kyosaku in a positive light doesn't it? Sad the days of the skillful use of the kyosaku are gone.

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    Yes. I have heard from a teacher (Jinmyo Osho) that it actually used to be used to relieve tension in the shoulders. hmmmm...

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    Nice work Will!

    Cartooning is not easy . . . I'm impressed.


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    whoa... thanks for the link Will!


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    That link was originally posted by me, part of our discussion on the need for oversight and checks & balances in Buddhist groups. Buddhists, and Buddhist teachers, are just people ... for good and for bad.

    Actually, Harry and I had this interchange about it elsewhere...

    Hi Jundo,

    Don't you think that the piece on Sex and Violence in Zen that you posted a link to has more than a whiff of 'witch-hunt' off it?

    I mean the writer has good and important points re. violence and manipulation by teachers where people have been wrongly harmed; but the argument seems to be coming from a viewpoint of complete ideal moral purity. Should we criticize relatively harmless behavior in this way, where the writer imposes some behavioral ideal of his own on the Zen tradition?

    Yes, it seems clear that there could be said to be a tradition in Zen monasticism of transgressing the precepts, or of blurring any strict meanings... but where people are only sneaking out for a smoke, eating meat or having a little consensual sex then big deal. I mean, what business is it of his or ours to judge?

    More than a touch of 'overkill' there to my mind.



    1:19 AM, October 19, 2007

    jundo cohen said...
    Hi Harry,

    I agree that the piece was extreme, lumping sneaking a cigarette in with more serious things. It was a 'witch-hunt' perhaps, but the best list I could find of all the various scandals. Thanks for pointing that out.

    Gassho, Jundo
    Gassho, J

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    Great work. Thank you for posting your work.

    During the couple of retreats I did with a Kwan Um School Zen group, we were hit with the stick. But they only hit us if we asked for it, which was to wake us up and relieve some tension. The first time I heard this, I secretly scoffed, but as the days and the sittings lumbered on I actually requested and welcomed the relieving whacks!


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