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Thread: Finding lineage

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    Finding lineage

    Is there such a thing as a "Big Book of Zen Buddhists". Now that I am done with my time sitting at the gate ...I hope to be more involved here but I would also like to find someone in the Pacific Northwest of the USA or anywhere for that matter who is of Robert Linsson's lineage. He wrote "Living Zen"... ... 5s#PPP1,M1 My searches on Google have proven a dead end.



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    I will ask through the American Zen Teachers' Association. But I believe he was a writer out of Europe. I am not sure if he were ordained, but in any event, I have never heard that he had any students.

    Maybe somebody can correct me if they have better information?

    Gassho, Jundo

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    Thanks. You are right. He was from Belgium. I first read his book 30 years ago and when I re-read it I was so surprised how many things I had internalized. I kept having, "Oh! That's where I got that from", moments. He died in 2004 but I would have liked to at least talk to one of his students since I haven't ever talked to anyone who thinks like me. Those few to whom I have explained how I see the world have never heard anything like it. Not to be regreted but since that period when I first read his book I have tried to not talk about Zen so as to not involve "me" in the process. I think it would have been useful to seek the advice of others with more experience but I was following the line of thought expressed by Linsson as I understood it at the time. Here I am.



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    Just a word that nobody in the AZTA (that is the union of all the Zen teachers in North America, Soto, Japanese Rinzai, Korean and Ch'an) had any information of this fellow. I am sorry. A lot of great writers were not in any particular lineage.

    I have one more place to ask: One of Nishijima's heirs in Belgium/France.

    Gassho, Jundo

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