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    Hey Harry.

    I actually used a free software program called twisted brush.

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    nice, what brush did you use?

    I've been playing around with twisted brush too, its a great piece of software.[/img]

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    Hi Gregor. Yes. It's great.

    I used the lightly marbled oil. I also put a tiny amount of blur on it in Photoshop. Just to make it a bit smoother.

    Another great program you might want to check is ArtRage2 Free. I did the comic with that one.

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    lots of artists aroudn here?

    Jizo in Zazen
    Ink on paper, then traced into Illustrator, then colored in Photoshop
    Turned out better than I thought it would

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    I have got to get such talented folks to do a compostion or two for the Blog sittings. If you ever have something, please send it.

    Gassho, Jundo

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    I have got to get such talented folks to do a compostion or two for the Blog sittings. If you ever have something, please send it.

    Gassho, Jundo
    What were you thinking of for the blog sittings? I would be happy to do something if I'm capable.


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    Here is a photo of a small wood working piece. I've made a few rakusu rings out of wood. This one landed on the neck of a small turtle statue at Mountain Lamp zendo. There is a famous Zen story that goes with this. It is about how hard it is to be human and how luck we are to find the dharma.

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    I envy all of you who can create things with your hands; I have never been able to do so... It must be quite a feeling to be able to hold something in your hards that you've made.


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    sangha gallery

    It's a treat to come to this forum and see what yous alls have got up on the gallery walls.

    What a pleasure to view these creations. It is especially fun to read your discussion of how these things get created!

    Wills--where would we go to place rakusu ring orders?


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    Wills I'd like to read that story if you have a copy online.

    What number of enso is that for you Harry?


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    Will, here is a link to a PDF of the story.
    The One-eyed Turtle and the Floating Sandalwood Log

    This story is from 1279 by a Japanese monk named Nichiren Daishonin who founded the Nichiren School of Buddhism. I don't know any thing about this group other than they still are around and they seem to put a lot of emphasis on the Lotus Sutra.

    Not sure I could get along with the Nichiren School of Buddhism yet this parable is a good one. I guess this really isn't a 'Zen' story but appropriate none the less.

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    Thanks Wills. Gassho.

    Nice one Harry. I thought it was done on paper. ha. great program.

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    I am not clever enough to make the tags work, but I have posted some stuff on my blog. Done with ink on rice paper. Link below :arrow:<br />


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    Beautiful art work everyone! I can't draw a straight line with a ruler so my outlet is photography. I remember shooting his one as an after thought, on my way out of the area I was shooting in. My first thought upon seeing the raw file was Zen. Not sure how you'll see it though.

    It's been scaled down here, so click on the image to see a slightly larger, but viewable version.

    My favourite photographic medium is black and white. I'll post some more from time to time if you would like.


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    Nice one Bruce, Very powerful shot.
    Thank you for sharing!

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    Wow Bruce. Beautiful. The water is so blue.

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    Thanks Will! A lot of luck conspired that evening to produce this picture. It's untouched by the way, but for a slight levels adjustment. The raw file looked pretty much just like that.

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    Just thought I'd post some of these paintings. I haven't gotten around to making a website yet.

    You can see the full size by clicking the link above them.


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    Just bumping the the gallery up.



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    Feel free to start a music section. I also make music. Actually I was thinking of doing that.

    I'll check out the piece. Sounds interesting. Suizen hmmm... do you have a teacher?


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    Just checked it out. Thanks a lot Harry.

    Great picture by the way (the flute players).


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    That was sweet. what length flute?

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    part of their downfall as a sect was that they started to be used as spies because they were permitted to travel freely and hide their identities!...
    interesting. heh

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    Wow. There's lots of talent here in both the visual and musical arts. I just listened to your shakuhachi tune Harry - very impressed.

    Thank you all for sharing here,

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    I think yours would be a tough one to follow, but I have put some stuff up on my blog in the past.

    Ill trade you my 1.8 Yuu for that 2.4 Young though

    Here is a link of me embarrassing myself


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    Quote Originally Posted by HezB
    Have you considered the idea that you can express reality, and yourself, through tradition very effectively?
    Recently yes, but the why is important to me. At the time of posting I had been considering my wanting to learn the classics a type of end gaming. So I could say, Hey I did sompthing great! And now I think I have snuffed out that view and replaced it with another, hey I made my own song, aren't I great! Which is also not helpful.

    I am currently interested in learning the classics again, simply to know them. Just a matter of changing perspective. I try and do that at least two times a day :wink: However lessons are not free, so I am content to just breath into the Shak when I have a moment. If it is learning a classic or just blowing Ro, Or just passing wind through the flute its all good.

    Take care,

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    So I could say, Hey I did sompthing great! And now I think I have snuffed out that view and replaced it with another, hey I made my own song, aren't I great! Which is also not helpful.
    Yep. Just do it. hehe. Good for practice. Noticing how your mind is when you do something.

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    hey harry,

    very nice and very inspiring. is there a way i can get a copy for my personal collection and maybe get a chance at adding some further orchestration?


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    sangha gallery

    Hello Will!
    Thank you for doing such a beautiful job as curator. I really like the way you have set up the space.

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    Guitar improvisation 1:

    The idea was to keep it minimal and focus on the notes, harmonics and sounds.

    Played on a spruce top classical guitar with reverb added.

    Note: The Hi fi play is better quality. Might be slower to load.


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    Those are actually just light taps on the bottom of the guitar and bridge. The bridge gives a bass drum like sound when hit correctly.

    The tonic is actually D. I noticed that when I hit the last note. It kind of ends abruptly, but it is what it is.

    Crunchy Sweet is a mix of Chinese flute and erhu samples with guitar and other noises.

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    Well I guess I should put up my link. It's not polite to accept a gift and give nothing in return.

    It's kinda an IDM/Dance/World Fusion kinda thing. ... dID=531561

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    Out the Window:

    The sounds in the background are what can be heard out a window in my apartment.


    Gassho Will

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    The other mix was kind of low, so I uploaded a new one.

    I recommend listening to it with headphones.

    They strange sound is a guitar that I did some stuff to.


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