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Thread: Introductions and stuff

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    Introductions and stuff

    Hi all. I'm new.

    My name is Rodney, most folks in the net just call me rev, or R. I don't have a preference.

    I've been studying and practicing the Way (with no teacher, or a lot of teachers depending on how you look at it) for 10 years or so.

    I'm a dad and a bit of a musician. A simple guy with a simple life.

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    hello harry. thanks for the welcome.

    i play the bass and fiddle with hand drums a bit, but primarily i compose a fusion of world music and electronica.

    if you want to check it out you can shoot me a pm. probably best to stop the self promotion there. :lol:


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    Hey Rodney, welcome! Good to see you here too! Now that's three forums I know you from.

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    Jun my friend, good to see you. Figured I'd try to be less of a hermit. Everything going well?

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