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    Thank you, Harry, for pointing to the shakuhachi info on the blog. I have long loved that instrument, and found its music very relaxing and profound.

    Do you play? I wanted to learn that instrument long ago (I have some musical background) but, alas, now I live in rural France with no opportunities to learn any instrument.

    I'd love to get some recommendations of a few CDs to buy. I have some I got in recent years, and a couple I bought from iTunes, but would like to find more and learn more about this music, if only as a listener.



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    Thanks for the pointers.

    Do you know of any EU dealers for an instrument? International shipping can be a headache for things like that.

    As for the CD, I have that one already - I like it very much. However, I don't know enough about the music to "understand" the differences between pieces, styles, etc. Any tips on that?



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    So when I see the pieces in the repertoire of each school, these are traditional pieces that date back how long? Are these always maintained intact, or are there new pieces in these styles written?


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    Yes, I understand what you're saying about it feeling ancient. This said, anything in the pentatonic scale has an archaic sound to it, at least to me. (My musical background is broad, but I have a lot of classical music knowledge.)

    So this music is therefore interpreted, in the manner of western classical music, from a collection of old compositions... That's what I thought, but it's good to hear this confirmed. I'll have to see if, on the few discs I have, I have any multiple performances of the same pieces to see if I can hear the differences. Are there interpretive differences, or do performers all try and aim for the same sound/performance? (I assume it's the former...)


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    Thanks, I'll check that out. It's especially interesting that the performer played jazz before the shakuhachi.

    Is there a lot of improvisation then?

    It just came to my mind that the protagonist of The Glass Bead Game, by Hermann Hesse, played a flute. Was that a shakuhachi, or something similar? (Wow, I haven't read that book in ages; I'll have to read it again. It's certainly a dharmic novel.)


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    Great information here. . . I might just try my hand at learning how to play.

    Buying musical instruments is one of my big vices. . .so perhaps for reasons of non-attachment I'd be best not too. But oh shucks, I cannot see a reason for not giving it some thought.

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