Hi all and thanks for this nice place. Since this is my first post: I'm German, in my early forties, started taking Zen serious about half a year ago, try to sit every day, just took up additional sitting with a fairly devoted lay sangha twice a week. Wonderful!

Since Buddhism is a very natural almost inevitable matter to me, all gadgets and outward statements entirely miss the point. I have been thinking though of some aid off the cushion, during the day, some unobtrusive reminder of what my way is in case mindfulness is weak.

That's where the Ojuzu (aka wrist mala) comes into play. My initial research on the web only revealed that its shape and use seem to vary greatly depending on tradition. Some more detailed resources focus on its use in a monastic environment. Explanations on buddhist forums seemed somewhat vague and incosistent.

It may be great help or just literal attachment. But apparently even the most down to earth dharma blog celebrities are wearing one, so I really want to learn please:

What (if any) is the purpose
and maybe the correct handling
of the O-Juzu
preferably for lay people
in the Soto-Zen tradition?

Big thanks!