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Thread: What is transcendental meditation?

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    What is transcendental meditation?

    Does anyone here know what transcendental meditation is? A friend of a friend asked me if I could tell her the difference between transcendental meditation and zazen.

    I know I've heard of TM, but I have no idea what it's about? Does anyone else?

    PS - Jundo, June 13 webcast = Best Episode Ever!

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    From what I understand, TM uses mantras rather than the empty-mindedness of Zen. Also, they think they can fly; I saw a documentary about them once, and it's really quite humorous to see them bouncing around, truly thinking that they levitate a couple of millimeters each time.


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    Steer clear dudes, unless you're looking for a laugh.

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    Erm....flying? :shock:

    So I can tell her that the difference is that in Zen we get our mantras for free?

    Gate gate paragate parasamgate bodhi svaha!

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    Hey. . .each to his own I guess, but jeez. . .not my cup of tea

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    Hmm, levitation? That's just silly. If they also have a means of making yourself invisible I may be interested though... :lol:

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    Hi Guys,

    Here is a film ...

    http://<iframe class="restrain" titl...="0"></iframe>

    The problem was that the still photographs they first released captured the 'flyers' in mid-air, so were deceiving.

    Our Zen practice does, I think, something much more fantastic, all without ever leaving the ground.

    Gassho, J

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    The Flyers are just one group on Transcendental Meditators... albiet one of the more famous since the Beatles study with the guy who said he could teach it...names fail me so early in the morn...
    Jim Henson was known to do Transcendental Meditation as well... not to fly though, He thought it helped him be more creative...
    Different Strokes...etc...
    I prefer Zazen


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    Ai! That video of the yogic flyers makes me worry for their hips and knees 5-10 years later. :?

    I think that, if anyone asks me that question again, I'll just say that TM comes from a Hindu tradition, not Buddhist. Probably not fair to a lot of good Hindu teachers, but a graceful exit line for me.

    Thanks guys. I had a feeling I should have known what TM was, but I was drawing a complete blank.

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    A quick thought before bed:

    I suppose our way has no need of magic powers, levitating or seeing the future ...

    ... because we see the miracle in a simple cup of tea, a walk down the street or washing the windows.

    I do not need to fly off anywhere, as I am right at home on this ground where I sit.

    Gassho, J

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