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Thread: Dharma Talks online

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    Dharma Talks online

    Hello Treeleafers!

    Obviously nothing beats the real our case just shutting up and sitting Zazen style...however I thought it'd be a good idea to open up a thread where we can post links to appropriate Zen-centered dharma-talks we find online.
    The San Francisco Zen center has a great collection of audio files to be found at:

    I found the few talks I listened to so far very inspirational and yet still down to earth. Thank you SFZC!



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    Good topic, Hans. I listen to Dharma talks on my iPod in the car during my morning commute.

    Recently, I've really enjoyed the Zen Dharma talks of Zoketsu Norman Fisher:

    I appreciate how he incorporates the mundane everyday problems of many lay practitioners (relationships, anxiety, ethics, even toothaches) into his talks and frames them within a Buddhist context.

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    Re: Dharma Talks online


    Rebirthing an old thread...

    Toledo zencenter's "the drinking gourd" with Jay rinsen weik,who also happens to be an fellow treeleafer ...


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    Re: Dharma Talks online

    I have an iphone app called Instacast and it makes for easy searching of dharmatalks

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    Re: Dharma Talks online

    I listen to WZEN (MRO podcasts)

    Also Taigen's talks from ADZG



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    Re: Dharma Talks online

    Ajahn Brahm at the BSWA is a good too. AS are some of there other speakers too.

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