A common practice in our zazen practice is to "let the thoughts go". We neither become attached to the thought, nor do we suppress it. To me however, this is like describing the taste of an orange to a person who's never eaten an orange.

When a thought arises in my mind, I take notice of it. The thought (to me) then turns into thinking. I don't seem to understand the "letting go" part. If I let go, then I start suppressing it and trying to ignore it.

The gist I'm getting from this " letting go" is that I should take notice of the thought, see it, and observe it with equanimity until the thought naturally passes. During my practice however, I find this very difficult. When ever I try to observe the thought, it turns into thinking and I start suppressing. The cycle constantly repeats itself

I'm really confused as to what to do. Maybe I already answered my own question by writing this. However, I would still really appreciate some input.