Hello Everyone!

Lately I have been thinking about the claims of almost every single buddhist tradition to be the real deal...as opposed to all the other schools. Sorry if this sounds like a rant by the way, but it isn't...I am just sharing a few personal ideas so we can all get to know one another a bit better.

A lot of the traditional conflicts between Pali-scriptures oriented groups, northern vs. southern school (the Hui-neng incident), Chan vs.tibetan buddhism....Nichiren against the other Japanese schools etc. can be better understood when one takes a closer look at the historical context, the "Zeitgeist" and the actual doctrinal differences....but obviously a lot of the times it was just about power. People stuff, ego stuff.

I don't want to dwell on individual incidents of the past but would rather like to express my amazement, that certain "let's compare our penis size" attitudes are still alive and kicking in the modern buddhist world in the west. My school is better than yours...gets you to enlightenment faster etc. etc.

In a sense the current status quo is a relief as well, since it underlines the fact, that we are all just people and that life, buddhist practice and the whole rest are our own personal responsibility, period.No hiding behind lineage, culture and a "holier than thou" attitude.

I practice soto style Zazen because it works FOR ME. Different people, different needs, that has been my experience. I've been spiritually around the block so to speak and am happy to have finally found my non-pretentious home, here in the hallowed halls of the treeleaf sangha. If this is the "wrong buddhism", I'll gladly remain a wrong-buddhist for a few kalpas.

To me, treeleaf is the best show in town.Why? Because I am the one who made the conscious decision to buy the ticket and so far I've had no reason to ask for my money back.

My zafu knows no better or worse, faster or slower. It's just where I have my special date with the universe....in the NOW...which is all I ever asked for.