Hi Folks,

The "Dharma Book Talk" thread led me to think that maybe we could have a "Dharma Book Club." I have some books that I would like to recommend. Maybe folks might all read the book together, perhaps a chapter a week (is that a good pace? We can set a reading schedule.). Then, people would be "on the same page" and would be able to discuss the chapter in common here.

The book I would really like to recommend as a start is "Everyday Zen" by Ven. Joko Beck. Even if you have read it before, it is one of those books that merits reading any number of times. The practice in her lineage is a little different from what we do here (they are somewhat more into Koan based meditation), but it is all the same too.


What do you think? Maybe you could all get a copy, and we could start reading it in about two weeks.

Gassho, Jundo