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Thread: Shall we start a book club?

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    Shall we start a book club?

    Hi Folks,

    The "Dharma Book Talk" thread led me to think that maybe we could have a "Dharma Book Club." I have some books that I would like to recommend. Maybe folks might all read the book together, perhaps a chapter a week (is that a good pace? We can set a reading schedule.). Then, people would be "on the same page" and would be able to discuss the chapter in common here.

    The book I would really like to recommend as a start is "Everyday Zen" by Ven. Joko Beck. Even if you have read it before, it is one of those books that merits reading any number of times. The practice in her lineage is a little different from what we do here (they are somewhat more into Koan based meditation), but it is all the same too.

    What do you think? Maybe you could all get a copy, and we could start reading it in about two weeks.

    Gassho, Jundo

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    Sign me up for the book club. I think it is a great idea. I'll order the book tonight.

    I'll have to hurry up and finish the two books I'm reading now, so I can be ready to start the new one in two weeks.

    Looking forward to it!


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    Sounds good to me.

    I liked Nothing Special but have never read Everyday Zen

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    Hello Treeleafers!

    The book club sounds like a very good idea. Two weeks from now it is then, count me in!

    Looking forward to getting to know everyone a bit better,



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    Yeah, I like the idea. I don't have the book, but I should be able to get it within two weeks.

    I would almost rather start with something more "classical", such as Zen Mind, Beginner's Mind, but you make the choice.


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    Sounds great, count me in too. I'll be working with my German copy of the book, if that's OK. Coincidentally I've just read it a couple of months ago and look forward to discussing it with everyone here.


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    I'll be busy all this week with Marching band, so I'll see if I can pick it up when there is time.

    I look forward to it!


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    count me in!
    My bookstore promised to get it from the US within two weeks.


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    Got it!

    And started today, hope to have time to finish before i leave for Australia. This may well be the first real book discussion i've had in ten years or so - i'm excited!


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    Okie Doke!

    Well, Payday is Thursday sO I will see about ordering/buying it then!
    I just finshed both Brad Warner's books so I was looking for a new read!

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    book club

    gassho and hellos to everyone. I am looking forward to meeting you and getting to know you through the book club. I'm not practiced in things computer, but my zafu and I go back a ways. The livingness of zen, za or otherwise, is my great interest. Looking forward to reading Everyday Zen together!

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    Please count me in for the book club. I really enjoyed Charlotte Joko Beck's "Nothing Special: Living Zen" and I've been meaning to read "Everyday Zen." Sounds like now is the time! I'll pick up a copy this weekend.

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    Hi Everyone,

    It is really nice that so many folks are interested in this, and a great group of people too. I think that this will be an opportunity for everyone to get to know each other really well, plus it is a very wonderful book. I am trying to give everyone a little time to acquire the book, but I will post a suggested reading schedule so that everyone is "on the same page."

    Like all things around here at "Treeleaf," we will figure out how to do it as we go along.

    Good Reading Gassho, Jundo

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    Count me in for the club, also! I finally found the book today, so I'm really looking forward to discussing it with everyone.

    -- Bruce F.

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    Count me in. I have the good fortune of finding this book in my "To Read" pile of books. It is an old used addition with a "The Engaged Zen Foundation" stamp on the inside cover. Reminds me of the Gideon bibles left in hotels.

    Jundo, let us know when to start.

    -- Will S.

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    I'm still waiting for mine to come...


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    I got mine today.


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    I recently bought the new book scheduled for the start of 2008 and am going to participate in the book club in the future.

    Just one question about the schedule dates, are we supposed to start reading the mentioned chapter at the mentioned date or have finished reading it by then? Or does it just mean the date when Jundo will make up new thread for discussion?

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    Hi Mika,

    Happy New Year. I usually put up the thread as the start date for discussion, just to keep everyone "on the same page". We usually start discussion of a new section thread each Friday.

    After we do a few sections, let's see if we want to adjust the schedule a little. So, let me know how it is going.

    Gassho, Jundo

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