Hello, Welcome,

Thank you for registering with our Treeleaf Zendo Community Forum, and my apologies to you. We have been slow in getting everything going on the blog and website, including this forum. However, things are all caught up, and the forum is now active.

It would be very nice is you would post a message on the forum introducing yourself. Also, please feel free to write to me (Jundo) at any time.


I would love to hear from you and about your practice. We are pretty laid back and easy going around here, with not so many formalities (we are serious, however, about ZAZEN!). So, please feel free just to say 'hi jundo' whenever you feel like it.

Discussion on our Blog (http://treeleafzen.blogspot.com/) is going to be focused on "Zazen, Zen and more Zazen," and for that reason, posts there will be moderated so that they stay closely to the subject. However, posts and messages in this "Community Forum" you just joined can be about anything at all, and it is meant as place for folks just to hang out. There are no real rules or restrictions (except I ask everyone to be kind to each other ... no flaming, but lots of kindness and generosity please). Maybe it is good to think of the Community Forum as a place guided by the Precepts, as much as possible. I, Jundo, may jump in now and then for a little comment on this or that.

Anyway, nice to hear from you. We had some news just today: We now have our video system up and running for our daily, live Zazen broadcast. Today was the first "show."

We call it the "DAILY ZAZEN SHOW' : the "SHOW WHERE NOTHING HAPPENS (Really!). Might I ask you to have a look and tell me what you think? The sound quality will be A LOT better once I figure out how to work the silly microphone properly (I am working off a little laptop until I get back to Japan). It is the screen as you scroll down on the LEFT side of the Blog.


Here is how I describe it:

As you know, our website, blog and broadcast sittings are meant for people who cannot travel to sit and be with others, perhaps due to health concerns, or not driving at night, having to take care of kids, or their living in a place without a Sangha close by. However, anyone is welcome to "sit along" with our Sangha who finds it helpful. Our Zazen sittings and Sangha will always be close by.

If you know anyone who, due to health concerns or the like, cannot commute to sit with others, please introduce them to our site. Like life and the universe, it is all Free!

Gassho, Jundo