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Thread: The 62nd of 108 Gates Of Dharma Illumination

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    The 62nd of 108 Gates Of Dharma Illumination

    The Sixty-second Gate:

    Read the following, place it in your heart and sleep on it. Then, tomorrow, live it until evening when you can leave a brief comment on what you may have received during the process.

    The faculty of wisdom* is a gate of Dharma illumination; for [with it] we really see all dharmas.

    A “Dharma Gate” is a teaching or practice that can lead to spiritual growth: some kind of positive outcome in terms of our practice. A way to approach the truth.


    Most note worthy replies:

    May we, with the wisdom faculty strong,
    See through illusions and all that's wrong,
    May we perceive with clarity,
    All things in their true reality.

    With eyes free of dust
    All things true
    Come into focus

    * Wisdom: mental steadiness or emotional stability; habit of calm behavior, judgment

    gassho, Shokai
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    gassho, Shokai

    仁道 生開 / Jindo Shokai

    "Open to life in a benevolent way"

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    Love the cartoon. It references to of my go to Koans.

    Sat today and lah
    泰林 - Tai Rin - Peaceful Woods

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    Thank you, Jishin - that is great!



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