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Thread: Often Asked - How to Add / Edit Avatar and Profile Picture

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    Often Asked - How to Add / Edit Avatar and Profile Picture

    On the forum, we have two photo options that make us visible, and as Jundo says it, gives us a human face: profile picture and avatar.

    in order to change these, from the web version of the forum, we click on Settings in the top right corner, next to My Profile and Log out.

    From the left side column of menus, we click on either Edit Profile Picture or Edit Avatar, to add or change our photos. Please note that the Profile and Avatar photos are independent (for some reason, the programmers designed things that way.)

    From the menu that opens we select Upload Image From Your Computer: and we will be given the option to select our photo from our own computer.

    If the two photos are different, we appear differently on the forum depending on where our photo shows up, so maybe have the same photo for avatar and profile picture.

    Be mindful also that the sizes for Profile and Avatar picture are quite precise and small, so large photos will be rejected by the system (for now). There are online tools like THIS ONE that allows us to easily resize the photos to match the forum's accepted format.


    JUNDO: In addition, should anyone have any confidentiality concerns about doing so, such as those in law enforcement or other sensitive positions, please see this thread and contact Jundo about options:

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