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Thread: [Ecodharma] The melting permafrost ... and its greenhouse gasses ...

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    [Ecodharma] The melting permafrost ... and its greenhouse gasses ...

    A story from a couple of years ago that I just came across.

    The melting permafrost contains more potential greenhouse gasses to release than in "all the world's remaining old, natural gas and coal."

    I suspect that we will just have to adjust to the impending change in the climate, and the earth's warming.

    The only hope for the long term future will be changes in human genetics and our insatiable desires to consume and consume ...

    As the story says, humans intervened in the environment 15,000 years ago. Now, it is time to intervene in humans.

    The dream of the scientists here to revive ancient species is just a dream. The dream of changing the human species is no dream.

    Gassho, J

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    Thank you for sharing. If we collectively reduced our appetites, whichever these might be that we are overindulging on, this could possibly change.

    Alarmism is spreading quick and a lot of people are developing ecoanxiety while facing this imminent reality. I wonder still, what actually lies ahead?




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