This Sunday, April 23d, 2023, there will be another special guided Tonglen Practice Circle for anyone who wishes to do taking and sending practice for themselves and everyone in need.

For those who may be new to Tonglen Practice and what it's about, Tonglen is an ancient Practice originating in Tibet, but now adopted by many Zen and other Western Buddhist Sanghas, for the transformation of suffering, anger, sadness and the like within ourselves and in the world, and transforming the same through visualization into peace, joy, acceptance and other positive emotions. For more information, HERE you can find Tonglen Instructions.

This event will occur in the Scheduled Sitting Room (SSR) and last for around 35 minutes. The Treeleaf Calendar will convert the event time into your local time zone.

The Scheduled Sitting Room can be found HERE

Livestream happening here:

All are welcome to join!

🙏🏼 Sat Today lah