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Thread: The Hundred and second of 108 Gates Of Dharma Illumination

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    The Hundred and second of 108 Gates Of Dharma Illumination

    102) The Hundred and second Gate; Entry into all conduct

    Entry into all conduct is a gate of Dharma illumination; for [with it] we attain realization of the Buddha-eye. (Nishijima/Cross)

    Entering all types of practice is a gate of realizing dharma; it acquires and completes the buddha eye. (Tanahashi)

    Gate Gatha:
    May we, together with all buddhas;
    Actualise the concept of all conduct
    That we may attain realization of the Buddha-eye.

    Reflection Prompt:

    What do you imagine all conduct or types of practice are referred to in this Gate?

    Capping Verse:
    Don’t fight the current
    Just let go
    The stream knows the way

    gassho, Shokai
    合掌 - gassho, Jindo Shokai "Open to life in a benevolent way" URL=""][/URL]

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    dharma gates are endless,
    i vow to enter them all.



    hobo kore dojo / 歩歩是道場 / step, step, there is my place of practice

    Aprāpti (अप्राप्ति) non-attainment

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    Thank you Shokai

    When I see things like “all conduct” or “layperson of practice” I equate them with living in accord with the Precepts.

    I love this capping verse and it definitely i something I have observed in my own life.

    Sat today and lah
    泰林 - Tai Rin - Peaceful Woods

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