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Thread: Cannot access schedule of sitting times

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    Cannot access schedule of sitting times

    Hi. For a few weeks now, when I try to look at the schedule, I get a message that “unusual amount of traffic has been detected from this computer network.” So I do the “I am not a robot” captcha thing…. Over and over… with no outcome other than being asked again to confirm that I am not a robot. Any ideas?
    Thanks and gassho.
    (Also have not figured out how to use the emojis🧐….)
    (Not a robot!)

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    Heya (not a robot!) Margaret,

    This usually occurs if you're using Safari with iCloud Private Relay turned on on your device (such as your Mac or an iPad/iPhone).

    Does the same behavior occur if you use a different browser, such as Chrome or Firefox, to access the sitting schedule:

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    I just turned on iCPR in my current device and had no problem seeing it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ryumon View Post
    I just turned on iCPR in my current device and had no problem seeing it.

    Ryūmon (Kirk)
    It’s Google. It randomly does that! Not necessarily browser related, but I believe IP related. When it throws a fit, there’s nothing anyone can do

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    I have had the same problem, but only within the past month or so, and only with Treeleaf. I couldn’t access the calendar for almost a week. One day I couldn’t get into Treeleaf at all. It happened again last Friday when I tried to get into the Zazenkai. It’s weird.
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    The calendar issue is due to Google blocking IP addresses that generate significant amounts of traffic, or abusive traffic. If you are on a VPN (or using Apple's built in "IP privacy" features) your IP address (is VPN endpoint) is shared with thousands of others (including some who are bots or hackers).

    Which is to say, this is a Google issue, not a Treeleaf issue (yes it impacts us but we are utterly powerless to do anything about it).

    @Neiko, I do not know what you could not get into Treeleaf, but it is likely *not* the issue with the calendar. Treeleaf was definitely working without any outages on Friday.


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    Yay! Downloaded chrome and got in to the schedule with no problem.
    Gassho to all for your help!!
    Margaret (still not a robot!)

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