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Thread: Zoom on Android

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    Zoom on Android

    Do any Sangha members use Android to join in the group sits? I've been using my phone to view the Sit-A-Long with Jundo series and it's been working well. My laptop has an aging battery and my home office isn't really conducive to Zazen so I would prefer to use my phone, but I'm not sure how to make this work. (I actually don't really know how to do Zoom all that well). Would someone be able to help me out here?


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    Zoom on Android

    Hello Kelly!
    Install the zoom app and create an account or not, whatever you prefer in case you donít have one. Then use the NOW page to join whatever event you want from the calendar :

    Just place the phone somewhere where you can see it, and you can either join with camera or without. Zoom app will give you the option to choose. Make sure to mute yourself once in a room and thatís all.

    Let me know if you need more specific information!!

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    Thank you Bion!


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    Zoom on Android isn't bad. I used it for a couple of calls.


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