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Thread: The 108th of 108 Gates Of Dharma Illumination

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    The 108th of 108 Gates Of Dharma Illumination

    Gate One Hundred and eight
    Read the following, place it in your heart and sleep on it. Then, tomorrow, live it until evening when you can leave a brief comment on what you may have received during the process.

    The wisdom that leads us from one state to another state is a gate of Dharma illumination; for [with it], having water sprinkled on the head, we accomplish total wisdom'

    Ultimate Wisdom : that which is available to all who persevere in their practice.

    By “Dharma Gate”, We mean a teaching or practice that can lead to spiritual growth: some kind of positive outcome in terms of our practice. A way to approach the truth.

    "Wisdom beyond words; it is the essence of all words!
    If you manipulate words, it is a lie; if you play on words, it is a joke; if you rely on words, it is ignorance but if you transcend words, it is wisdom."
    "Wisdom Beyond Words: The Buddhist Vision of Ultimate Reality Dangerously disorientating to the unwary student, the Prajnaparamita or Perfection of Wisdom teachings can offer a fast route to some well-trodden blind alleys - or to the very heart of Reality. We live in a sophisticated age that often seeks to rationalize the ultimate meaning of Buddhism, but these two-thousand-year-old texts offer a giddying counterbalance to this attempt. Sangharakshita's clarity, scholarship and insight are revealed in this commentary on the Diamond Sutra, the Heart Sutra and the Ratnagunasamcayagatha - core teachings of Mahayana Buddhism. Using this book as a guide we can begin our own investigation of these sublime teachings - and also perhaps be rewarded with a world-shattering glimpse of the Buddhist vision of ultimate Reality."

    - Amazon Author's Commentary; link here

    Most note worthy replies :
    In the Buddha’s hand
    A flower
    Was all that it took

    Come back tomorrow we have One more gate
    合掌 仁道 生開 - gassho, Jindo Shokai
    合掌 - gassho, Jindo Shokai "Open to life in a benevolent way" URL=""][/URL]

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    Sat today and lah

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    Life itself is the only teacher.
    一 Joko Beck

    安知 Anchi

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    Thank you for being the warmth in my world.

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    hobo kore dojo / 歩歩是道場 / step, step, there is my place of practice

    Aprāpti (अप्राप्ति) non-attainment

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