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Thread: The 29th of 108 Gates Of Dharma Illumination

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    The 29th of 108 Gates Of Dharma Illumination

    Gate Twenty Nine
    Read the following, place it in your heart and sleep on it. Then, tomorrow, live it until evening when you can leave a brief comment on what you may have received during the process.

    Repayment of kindness is a gate of Dharma illumination; for [with it] we do not cheat and disregard others.

    By “Dharma Gate”, we mean a teaching or practice we can study to gain insights into the deepening our practice. It's a way to integrate our understanding of approaching reality.

    The simplest way to define “pay it forward” is that when someone does something for you, instead of paying that person back directly, you pass it on to another person instead.
    A year 2000 movie synopses:
    "The story of a social studies teacher who gives an assignment to his junior high school class to think of an idea to change the world for the better, then put it into action. When one young student creates a plan for "paying forward" favors, he not only affects the life of his struggling single mother, but he sets in motion an unprecedented wave of human kindness which, unbeknownst to him, has blossomed into a profound national phenomenon."

    Most note worthy replies :
    Can I find the kindness
    Sometimes as hard to rouse as an anonymous donation?
    Maybe I need to look harder, already knowing it is there,
    So that I can pay them back
    Before they can put up their hands.
    Then I slide back into my shadows.

    Just as we must recognize and accept with gratitude the kindness of others (Gate 28), I feel compelled to take all kindness shown to me and re-share it back to the original giver as well as forward to the world (where possible).

    Kindness is received
    Only so
    We know how to give

    合掌 仁道 生開 - gassho, Jindo Shokai
    合掌 仁道 生開 - gassho, Jindo Shokai "Open to life in a benevolent way"
    日々是好日 【nichi nichi korego nichi】Every Day is a Good Day!!

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    Every action, intentioned for good or ill, done unto me in the past has nudged me towards this path.
    What incredible kindness.
    How could I ever repay that?


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    The memories are shadows of what I have experienced, they are not the experiences.
    The experiences have gone, but the memories remain. - 安知 Anchi


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    Thank you Shokai

    Sat today and lah
    泰林 - Tai Rin - Peaceful Woods

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    hobo kore dojo / 歩々これ道場 / step, step, there is my place of practice

    Aprāpti (अप्राप्ति) non-attainment

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    "First you have to give up." Tyler Durden

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