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Thread: This is enough: A dream

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    This is enough: A dream

    I had a dream today in which I was buying some groceries and I couldn't keep focused on what I was doing, my mind wandering on the list of problems I carry around with me. A worker in the shop told me to take a seat for a moment, because I seemed upset. Suddenly I was in a kind of classroom with small kids. He made me sit down and listened to me. I started to tell him about all my problems and why my life sucked at the moment. I became more sad and upset. And out of the blue he gave me a small piece of paper and told me to write down what I thought was the answer to all of this. And what came up spontaneously was: This is enough.

    I woke up and couldn't get out of bed for 5 minutes, digesting what this meant. I am aware that it is just a dream, but it was quite powerful. This basic trust in life, that this is already enough in a fundamental way. Almost like shikantaza applied to life itself. Just felt like sharing.

    Gassho, Tomás
    Sorry for going over 3 sentences.

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    Thank you for sharing, Tomas.

    Kotei sat/lah today.

    義道 冴庭 / Gidō Kotei.
    Being a novice priest doesn't mean that my writing about the Dharma is more substantial than yours. Actually, it might well be the other way round.

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    Feel free to message me if you wish to talk about issues around practicing with physical limitations. This is something I have been sitting with for a fair while and am happy to help with suggestions or just offer a listening ear.

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    Lovely. Thank you for sharing that Tomas.

    Sat today and lah
    泰林 - Tai Rin - Peaceful Woods

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    Thank you very much.

    Gokai, Sat today.
    David Cravidão Lopes Pereira

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    I love this, truly. Thank you for sharing Tomas!


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    Dreams are often the beginning of some of my best poetry, so can be poetry for the dream; try to understand my gift to you, a method for art's eternal words.
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    I am a lay member of Treeleaf Zendo. Each year I try to understand our Buddhist Precepts through the Buddha and Dogen. I will help you as you request.

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    Appreciate you sharing this. The message of "this is enough" has come with many sense doors for me over my life. An excellent reminder! Mahalo!
    In Sincerity

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    THIS is enough

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    I may be wrong and not knowing is acceptable

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