I like how Schireson compared women finding their way in life to Western Zen finding itself in the wider Zen Sangha. Both carve out their own ways from our environment and what we have been taught, and change as needed to meet what we need and what we expect of ourselves, or wish to become. Of course all people understand this kind of struggle, not just women. Anyone can relate to brining about change and skillful means up against, or hopefully alongside, the status quo-- or simply "the way things have always been."

I am also a huge fan of Zen Centers being more responsible for their finances by providing services, or producing art. I have been really interested in this ever since reading Instructions to the Cook, by Glassman. How do you feel about Zen Centers becoming more lucrative? As with any business venture, greed and marketing could easily come into play, jeoporadizing our integrity.

This ties into the last section of chapter 14: As practitioners age, is it not harmful to encourage a rigorous physical practice environment, even though we know scientifically that lack of sleep and sitting upright for hours is not a particularly healthy lifestyle? Can we not find some way to care for our aging Buddhist community and give them quality of life for as long as they wish to practice? Perhaps building income could solve issues like this, as Shireson points out.

I will leave you to read chapter 15 and offer anything you might like to add. Consider adding any of your thoughts on this book as whole, as we conclude this reading. I really enjoyed this book and feel a lot closer to the female anscestors, most of whom I had never heard of before. I personally feel a lot more at home in my own clumsy undertaking as a practitioner, constantly battling with imposter syndrome over my identity as a female, my inner female as a sexual being, and my feminine aesthetic that I subconsciously feel is at odds with my calling to practice Zen among so many great teachers and fellow students.

Thank you all for joining us with this book!

Sat, lah

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