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Thread: Greatest Hits #6: Kyonin (and a typhoon) come to Japan! - Celebrating Treeleaf's 15th

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    Greatest Hits #6: Kyonin (and a typhoon) come to Japan! - Celebrating Treeleaf's 15th

    Greatest Hits #6: Kyonin (and a typhoon) come to Japan!

    So, it came to pass in the fall of 2019 that our Treeleaf priest Kyonin journeyed from Mexico to Japan, joining up with Jundo, and sitting at Antaiji and Eiheiji on his travels. There was also the small matter of Typhoon Hagibis ( which led to widespread flooding and power loss.

    Kyonin touched down in Japan early on 27 September and was greeted by Jundo at Narita airport. Here they are together on that first day:

    The monthly Zazenkai came early:!

    Kyonin spent five days in hardcore sitting (fifteen hours a day of Zazen) with Abbot Muhō at Antaiji (, a temple associated with Kōdō Sawaki Roshi and Kōshō Uchiyama Roshi, and fortunately he learned beforehand the easy way to become a buddha!

    Following that, he met with Jundo in Kyoto, including an awe-inspiring visit to the hall of one thousand (and one) life-size Kannon statues:

    After many more visits to temples and other places, and a meet-up with former Treeleaf teacher Taigu, Kyonin travelled to Eiheiji (the monastery founded by Dōgen and still one of the two head temples in Sōtō Zen) on October 11 just before the typhoon hit and trains were cancelled.

    If you are going to be caught in a typhoon in Japan, I imagine that there are worse places to be than one of the head temples of the Sōtō school. However, it still took Jundo talking to them to arrange for Kyonin to be given a room for two nights.

    Meanwhile, we all sat the Zazenkai for everyone caught up in the storm:

    After a little more sight-seeing there was a final farewell Zazenkai before the flight back to Mexico:

    So all-in-all, an eventful trip and wonderful that teacher and student were able to spend time together and Kyonin got to sit at some historic Sōtō temples.

    You can follow a fuller account of the travelogue here. All planning is courtesy of Cohen Travels Inc!

    written by Kokuu

    PS - Remember to check out our Doctor's Without Borders Fundraiser:

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