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Thread: Greatest Hits #5 - Jundo’s Cancer Talks - Celebrating Treeleaf's 15th

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    Greatest Hits #5 - Jundo’s Cancer Talks - Celebrating Treeleaf's 15th

    At Treeleaf we have a saying that All Life is Our Temple. So, when Jundo was diagnosed with oesophageal cancer during Ango 2017, it was no surprise that it became part of his practice, and a way of teaching us all how to be with difficult experiences.

    The Upajjhatthana Sutta ( lists a series of five remembrances that every Buddhist should recall and the third of these is I am subject to illness, I have not gone beyond illness. However, despite that, sitting with illness is not an easy thing to do.

    We are fortunate that Tsukuba has one of the most advanced hospitals in the world so we knew that our dear Roshi was in good hands, but it was still a nervous ride as he took us with him on his journey, reporting on his progress and emotional state, and allowing us to sit with him even as he waited for surgery.

    These are the talks in chronological order which we can revisit now, knowing there was a happy ending. If you have the time, it is really worth doing that, and seeing what practice looks like in the middle of one of life’s tough experiences.

    1. Rohatsu Begins

    2. In the Waiting Room – Shikantaza, Metta, Tonglen

    3. Dukkha

    4. I’m Scared. Fear and beyond Fear.

    5. Flowing

    6. Just Sitting Before Surgery

    7. Back To The Living (but still in a hospital bed)

    8. What’s A “Real” Zen Retreat?
    In talks 9-11, Jundo takes aim at Sōtō Zen authorities who insist that practice has to look the same way and occurs in monastic settings, rather than through the ups and downs of everyday life such as this, where the rubber of practice really hits the road.

    9. “Angos Of Hard Knocks”

    10. Cancer Is Nirvana

    11. Is Tenpyozan A Discriminatory Institution?

    12. Alive! (A New Year Message)!-(A-New-Year-Message)

    Video searchers: Shade & Koushi
    Written by: Kokuu

    PS - Remember to check out our Doctor's Without Borders Fundraiser

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    Kodo Shoka

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    Everybody who has been putting off those tests this past year ... GO GET 'EM!

    Gassho, J


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    I appreciated Jundo sharing that journey with us. I learned from it

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    Quote Originally Posted by Doshin View Post

    I appreciated Jundo sharing that journey with us. I learned from it

    Yes. I agree. I learned a lot as well

    Sat today and lah
    泰林 - Tai Rin - Peaceful Woods

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    Thank you, Jundo, for bringing the sangha with you while you dealt with cancer and it's treatment and recovery, making it a part of practice for all of us. I think I will be better able to face illness and the possibility of death because of it. Thank you, Shoka, for including these talks in the Greatest Hits series. I hope I will find the time to listen to some of them again.

    On (Warm)
    Kai (Sea)
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    Thank you for posting these wonderful teachings.
    st lah

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    Quote Originally Posted by Doshin View Post

    I appreciated Jundo sharing that journey with us. I learned from it



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    Jundo, you know my situation/ Stage 4 kidney failure, and chronic pain. Funny but both the arthritis and the kidney disease cause the depletion of red blood cells and other necessary oxygen carrying systems in my blood. The anemia in turn depletes my kidney function to produce red blood cells. It's is a vicious cycle. Exercise, and steady breathing as in meditation, and shikantaza are important. I need the oxygenation of both. Your talks provide much. My pain isn't so bad tonight and I am able to sit back in my chair and type. I'm using a wireless keyboard so I'm holding it in my left hand rigged so I can type with my left index finger. This works well. I walked briskly before tackling this entry. Good for me. The videos are good for me. I remember some.
    sat/ lah
    Tai Shi
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