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Thread: ARTS: 10001 Buda project

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    ARTS: 10001 Buda project

    Hello Treeleafers,

    I don't know why I haven't presented this to you before, I did mention it, but didn't make a thread for it.

    In July 2019, I've started the 10001 Buda project.

    My goal is to draw and cut out by hand exactly 10001 Buda stickers. I would probably be better off writing sutras, but this serves a similar purpose.

    I am sending these out for free to anyone willing to receive them and send me a photo of stickers in their cities. They can be applied in homes, gardens, your notebooks, or public places, wherever people feel some Buda power is needed

    The idea is to make these stickers travel the world, to places I will probably never get a chance to visit. So far, stickers have made it to Germany, Italy, Croatia, Singapore, UK...

    Please take a look at to get a glimpse of where Budas have been so far.

    I am sending another batch of stickers by the end of May. If you would like to receive these, I would kindly ask of you to send me your address to - please, do not leave it here or send it via PMs, since it's hard to organize all the shipments, I have a pretty good system out in the Gmail. Be sure to leave your Treeleaf name in Gmail as well. All I am asking for is for you to send me photos of stickers back once they're up.

    The most commonly asked question is why the Buda's head resembles those from the movie Eggheads (people who didn't see the movie tend to compare it with a penis... probably tells a lot about my drawing skills) - basically, it's the same drawing style that I've started in 2019 with my now almost defunct web comic.

    Thank you for your attention,

    Sharan (SjeoDanas/SatToday)
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    Gassho, J


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    Hi Sharan, beautiful!

    We'd love the stickers to reach Ukraine as well. This would greatly complement the current project we run here.
    I will write a PM to you shortly. Thank you

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    And to Addis Ababa. Email coming soon.



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    Love this project, keep it up! Will follow your progress on IG

    Gassho, Tomás

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    Thank you all. I've received your e-mails.

    I will e-mail you back once the stickers are on their merry way. Thank you for helping out.



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    I sent you an e-mail too, if it doesn't get out this month no biggie. Whenever the next batch goes. Looking forward to hosting the Buddha.

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    Greetings everyone,

    Buda sticker packs have been sent your way. I would be more than happy to send some more, so make sure to follow instructions in my first post and request your own.


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