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    ARTS: Enjoying the Tedious

    Last week I started a new weaving project, last night I was working on the 3rd step of the process for getting the warp onto the loom and was contently going about my work. Im at the point when Im threading the heedles, which means I have to take each of the 350 threads and thread them through a piece of metal with a hole in it. While doing this, I have to make sure to go through the right heedle, keep the threads in order and double check before moving on.

    My significant other came home while I was doing it, and just shook his head at me. How is it that you find this enjoyable? I laughed. And then I thought about a facebook post I had seen earlier in the day. The poster was complaining that the fun part of weaving doesnt last long enough. Because you have to spend all this time making a warp, wrapping the warp, threading, tensioning. And then you finally get to start weaving and it goes too fast. Then you have to finish the project which means the dreaded twisting of fringes or hemstitching, and wet setting.

    It made me laugh to think of the time I had already spent on this project... I wont call it the not fun part.

    So my question to all of you, do you enjoy all the parts of the process? Whether it be cleaning the wool, rinsing the dye from the fiber, or tearing out several rows of a piece because there is a problem.

    What does this have to do with practice? On the face of it, the dropping of likes and dislikes allows us to enjoy the process more. But deeper, I think it is connected with samu. The heart of dedicated work practice. Diligently doing something with your whole self.

    Can you approach the tedious portions of creation as much as you enthusiasm as the fun parts?

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