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Thread: Annoyed and questioned by "buddhist metaphysics"

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    Annoyed and questioned by "buddhist metaphysics"

    Hi !

    I'm full of questions about the purpose of buddhist metaphysics statements such as : "the world is a dream" (or an hallucination, would say neurosciences today), or "there is no self". Everytime a teacher writes about this, everyone seems so pleased with it and so comforted by it ; for me, those are really scary perspectives ! If the world is a dream, then what can i trust ? Am i alone in it forever ? If there is no self, then, same question, what am i ? The worst is that i can see that, during zazen, i can't find or name something that would be my "self" ; but this is not something comforting, more like something bewildering... Still, i discovered that it is when you stop searching that you begin to understand what you are, which, i guess, is a progress...

    I thought that buddhism was a practical religion / philosophy whose purpose was to end suffering and not about metaphysics ; but those statements 1 - seem like metaphysical to me and 2 - do not seem to help with ending suffering, at least for me (feeling like i'm the only one, hahaha).

    Sometimes i wonder what good all of this is. When i look around me, people who seem to feel ok don't have all these questions, don't practice meditation, don't search for anything, they just live their lives without caring too much about what it is... For me, it's questions all the time, watching myself, trying to find unanswerable answers... Could someone explain how those ideas help them ?

    Sorry for running long !


    Sat today,
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