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Thread: 44/108 Gates of Dharma Illumination

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    44/108 Gates of Dharma Illumination

    The Forty-fourth Gate

    Right means are a gate of Dharma illumination; for they are accompanied by right conduct.

    method used to attain an end

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    gassho, Shokai
    仁道 生開 - Jindo Shokai "Open to life in a benevolent way"
    May we all grow together in our knowledge of the Dharma

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    Can you steal
    To sow your fields?
    Can you kill
    To feed your kin?
    What then, of farrow rows
    And starving refugees?

    Sat today. LAH.

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    Balancing the what
    With the how
    We act as Buddha


    聖簡 Seikan (Sacred Simplicity)

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