Bows to you, my friends,

I would like to promote a monthly theme for painting and drawing; not to dominate your art practice all month (unless you choose), but for just one painting or drawing! The best part is that for these monthly themes, EVERYONE IS AN ARTIST! If you have a surface, be it a sheet of paper, canvas, board, or anything, make a mark on it, and post it here in this thread.

We have only a few days left in January, so there's no time to waste. Our theme this month is BREATH. Your goal is to produce a breath drawing or painting. What does this mean? Well, you are the artist! But I have some helpful suggestions/ideas:
  • Create a simple piece of art by inhaling deeply, then starting and completing your work in a single breath that you release slowly, slowly through your pursed lips.
  • You might complete a piece of art only placing marks as you exhale, using your inspiration to have your inspiration (See what I did there?) or to prepare.
  • Create a piece of art that represents breath to you.
  • Or come up with your own idea!

Your art could take a long time, or very little time. Then post a photo of your work here for us all to enjoy and express our appreciation for.

Breathing in
I pull the creative forces of the universe into myself.
Breathing out
I create.

Sat today. LAH.