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Thread: ARTS: Check your voice type!

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    ARTS: Check your voice type!

    Dear singers,

    To get us started, I encourage you to explore what your voice can do. How low can you go?

    In this blog post of mine (link) you'll read all about voice types, and new words like tessitura and Fach classifications.

    Now, this isn't at all too important to be able to sing, but incredibly helpful to know when organising singers in a production. So have a go at checking which voice type you are and please post on this thread!

    If you are so inclined, take some time to explore what the other voice types sound like. At the end of the blog post there is a series of drop boxes where you can see a few examples on each voice type—please explore!

    Keep on singing,

    The only thing that wondering and speculating will do is separate you from the present moment.

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    i am a baritone, Shosho.


    Let silence take you to the core of life (Rumi)

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