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    ARTS: The Dharma Cafe

    Treeleaf already has some tea rooms, but when I was writing back in the day, the cafe was the place. This was long before Starbucks. This was the era of the independent coffeehouse, where writers went to be anonymous, where you could sit for hours with your notebook and pretend you were Hemingway, watching people, drinking coffee, scribbling lines. In those days people gathered in coffeehouses and smoked and argued and played cards and fell in love and broke up and left and came back to drink more coffee. When I think of writers, I think of the coffeehouse.

    This thread is for sharing our work.

    Everyone is invited. Skill, talent, experience mean nothing here. What matters is the journey, the way, our practice.

    My only request is that if you share, please also read the work of others, and comment if you feel called. Let this be a true sustaining circle.

    N.B. If you work in long form, please share an excerpt or a link.


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