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Thread: A Special Zazenkai this Friday, Honoring our LGBTQ+ Ancestors

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    A Special Zazenkai this Friday, Honoring our LGBTQ+ Ancestors

    Dear All,

    Our weekly Treeleaf Zazenkai this coming Friday (to be here: will specially remember and honor our LGBTQ+ Ancestors, known and unknown, today or in the past, as well as all people who have struggled to practice or find a place in the wider Sangha or in society for reasons that should not be so.

    As part of this remembrance, our Sangha will officially begin noting such Ancestors with the following Dedication of all our Zazen sittings, rituals and events:

    ... and to all other Honored Ones throughout history, same yet diverse Honored Ones, whose names have been forgotten or left unsaid.
    As well, I will unveil a new Lineage Chart, to be presented to all Jukai recipients commencing this year, together with our traditional Blood Lineage Chart as well as our Blood Lineage Chart for the Women and Differently-Abled Ancestors, to commemorate all sameness yet diversity ...

    Treeleaf Blood Lineage - Same Diverse JPEG.jpg

    (The picture is based upon an ink drawing of "White-robed Kannon" by Kano Tan'yū, 1602 - 1674)

    May our Sangha, of many peoples from many places, work for ever greater diversity in the years to come. Although what truly matters is who someone is as a human being, their good heart, sincerity and dedication to the Way, I believe this will and should include persons of many backgrounds, same yet diverse.

    (If you have any comment or helpful suggestions for any of this, by the way, please do add your words).

    I hope that many of you will gather with us, as one yet as individuals, for this special Zazenkai on Friday.

    Gassho, Jundo

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    I always look forward to sitting with you Jundo, and everyone at Tree Leaf. I am especially looking forward to this special Zazenkai

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    Thank you Jundo and everyone in Treeleaf! I know it's a small change but it makes some of us feel a bit more welcomed and accepted in our Zendo!

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    If the internet gods are kind I'll be there.
    I've no suggestions only a comment on how excited I am to learn more about my Queer Dharma ancestors. I'm also thrilled at not being rendered invisible.
    Deep bows for all who uncover these histories and to Jundo for providing a space for me to study the Dharma.

    I acknowledge going over 3 sentences. I always endeavour to do and be better.

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    Beautiful! Looking forward to this.

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    Thank you Jundo. It is good and right that our practice is welcoming and accessible to all.
    Bows in Gassho,

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    Thank you Jundo.



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    Thank you for this. It means a lot to me that the sangha makes space for the LGBTQ family.
    I'll look foward to sitting the recording with everyone.


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