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    America is Doing Okay

    What I am about to say is not a political statement, because I am not going to take sides or say whom I personally support. It is merely a call to reflect on history. Also, it says "America" in the title, but really it is about most western countries these days.

    Yes, things are crazy now, and we have venal or dishonest leaders with so many foolish followers (meaning, for the limited purposes of my argument here, whoever is on the other side from you, wherever you stand.) There are problems in society, and I do not wish to ignore those. However, I also want to point out the bigger picture:

    In a nutshell, society may be "whacked" now ... but, as students of history, we know that the world has ALWAYS been whacked. Would you have rather lived amid the sensible politics and social values of the Roman Empire? Medieval England? 19th Century China? 1930s California or Berlin? 1960s Mississippi? 1970's Lebanon or South Africa? In fact, about any time or place other than today?

    Truly, this is a "glass half full, half empty" situation, for while we have a crazy or dishonest leader with deluded followers (meaning, for my narrow purposes here today and these observations, whoever be the leader and followers on the "other side" from you), the system is holding together under strain. So far (so far), the transition is peaceful, the streets are quiet. While folks are complaining or doubting the system, there is no wide-spread rioting or burning, no pograms or ethnic cleansing, no military coup or assassinations, no battles or bombs.

    Really, one does not test the strength of an old boat until it hits the big storm and high waves, and America's hull is holding together. We should be PROUD of being from a country that is handling this so WELL! Likewise for the Europeans and British who (no matter how you feel about it) are tearing up treaties and re-drawing borders, but without sending armies and missles across those borders as was done so many times in centuries past. (Ok, I admit that the Canadians would probably handle it even better, and more politely, but the rest of us are doing okay)

    And, as Zen students, we should see "beyond" all the chaos of this world anyway, to a certain beauty found even in all the chaos and ugliness of this world. Even were things much much worse, we can always see beyond to something more.

    So, you are a good, decent, kind and calm person, while the people on the "other side" (whichever "other side") seem not so to your eyes (and I happen to agree, because I have a definite "my side" too! ). But don't give up or lose hope, for the world needs the good, decent, kind and calm folks now, most especially, to keep in check those who are not so good, decent, kind or calm. We have to keep our boat afloat through this little storm. It is leaking a bit, some of the sails are torn, there is sickness in the lower decks, and some of our fellow passengers seem more like pirates ... but basically she is sound and strong despite the creaking and battering waves.

    Gassho, J


    Sorry to have run long.
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