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Thread: A Talk: Our Zendo As A "No Politics Zone"

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    A Talk: Our Zendo As A "No Politics Zone"

    A short talk by me today on why our Zendo is a "No Politics Zone." We leave elections, debates, opinions and causes at the door, and Just Sit. That does not mean that we do not care, but that the dropping for a time of all categories, opinions and oppositions brings a certain Light & Clarity to all the problems of this life and world, including politics. The world, including its political strife, can thus be known in a Wiser way. Then, when Zazen is done, we might return to the opinions and be active supporting various causes, but with that same Light & Clarity now in our heart.

    Furthermore, even in a Zen Sangha, there may be times that our Precepts and Vows to aid the Sentient Beings cause us to have some concerns about social policies and political events which we discuss and advocate for very vigorously in the Sangha, helping the poor and working for peace but two examples. Feeding the hungry or cleaning the oceans can be as much part of our Buddhist practices as feeding monks and cleaning the temple floors. Even so, however, in the Zen Hall, for the time of sitting Zazen, it is best to put all that down for a time, and Just Sit.

    Gassho, J

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