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    What does dokusan look like? I've thought of asking for one for a fair amount of time, but I haven't wanted to waste Jundos time if I don't know what I'm getting myself into.

    Sat today,

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    I participated in one a couple of months back and it was very lovely. Just an informal chat about life and the practice. Jundo is very easy to talk to, and he's helped me with my practice when I needed it. Highly recommended!



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    Yes, no worries! It's very informal and nice: a short sit and then a short chat.

    Sat, lah
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    Hi AJ (by the way, don't forget to sign "Sat Today" to indicate that you have been sittin' during the prior day. Thank you).

    SatToday - Make sure you have sat before joining in forum chat!

    So, Dokusan (meeting together) is intentionally very informal and just "how's it going" around here. I do that specifically to take much of the formality and mystery out of the event. Here's how I describe it in the "office hours" information:

    Jundo 'Office Hours' (for Dokusan)

    In Soto, especially in the West, Dokusan tends to be a more informal "how's it going, what's up?" with one's Practice. There is no particular set subject. In my case, I tend to keep 90% of the discussion out on the Community Forum, where many folks can benefit from the discussion or offer their insights. I like to use individual Dokusan for more private or sensitive matters or matters very particular to that person's practice that they wish to discuss one-on-one. It certainly is not a therapy session because the issue is always Zen and Zen Practice, but we can sometimes talk about something going on in the person's life and how that is Practice too.
    Also, because we are not engaged in formal Koan introspection practice as in many Rinzai and mixed Rinzai-Soto groups, it is more just a few minutes of friendly chat, and not this!

    Sorry for running long in words.

    Gassho, J

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    Iíve had three Dokusun. Jundo is friendly and honest, but consider Iíve been here6 years; thatís one every 2 yrs. I jump around in mood so sometimes PM is plenty. Also Iíve made a great Sangha friend less than 100 mi away. We talk often on phone. Also there are usuri always ready to listen.
    sat / lah
    Tai Shi

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