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Thread: A Request to Sangha Members: "Three Sacred Sentences" Practice

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    A Request to Sangha Members: "Three Sacred Sentences" Practice

    Dear All,

    In Zen practice, it is important to untangle from our complex thoughts, simplify views and hold opinions lightly. As an experiment in doing so, I am requesting that our members try to limit their Forum comments to about, more or less, three (3) well-chosen and heartfelt sentences. The purpose is to cause people to consider what they really need to say, to keep it short, simplify and to honor the dropping of opinions and extra ideas.

    That said, the request is not a "rule" or set in stone in any way:

    - Anyone who feels that they need more than three lines to express themselves about some topic is totally free and welcome to do so (We simply ask that they try to note, "Sorry, needed more than three sentences here" or "Sorry, needed to run long" or the like at the end of their post). If you have something you really want to say and share, please say it!

    - The request is not being made of newcomers, just arrived to Treeleaf Sangha, during the first few months of their being here.

    - It will not apply to some sections of our Forum where a bit more discussion is welcome (e.g., our "No Words" Book Club, the Art & Poetry Circles, our Precept reflections during Jukai, the "Beginner's Place" for newcomers, and the like).

    - It is okay to add some colons ";" and parenthesis ( ), but let's not go overboard. However, quotes don't count, so please quote the writings of others all you wish. "More or less three" is fine, no need to be exact.

    - It is just a request, with no kind of penalty or punishment attached in any way, and it will not be moderated. While it is purely voluntary, I am counting on the group spirit of Sangha members to lead them to join in voluntarily. I may offer privately a friendly reminder of the request from time to time to folks who seem to be heavy in thoughts.

    - Folks who are neuro-diverse do not have to bother with this if it is a hardship for them, and should write as they need to write unless otherwise requested. It would be appreciated if, even so, a tiny "sorry, needed to run long" were placed at the end of long posts, the same as for everybody.

    The reason for 3 is a bit arbitrary, but Buddhists traditionally like their "threes" ... like the Three Refuges (Buddha, Dharma, Sangha).

    Thank you. This "Three Sacred Sentences" practice is an ongoing experiment in our Sangha as we see how it goes. Please give it a try!

    Gassho, Jundo

    (Sorry, needed to run long in the above)

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    I appreciate this statement and wording Jundo. It's well thought out and I agree that some kind of acknowledgement for needing to go over 3 sentences shouldn't be too much of a challenge for our neuro-diverse members or members with mental wellbeing challenges. I hope that they, like me see it as an acknowledgement and not an apology for being neuro-diverse or having mental wellbeing challenges. Finally I hope that we will all try to keep posts to the 3 sentences.
    *I acknowledge I went over 3 sentences. I will continue to try to keep my posts to 3 sentences as requested by my teacher Jundo.
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    Thank you, Jundo. My wife says I'm too terse. You're a "beyond bad" influence.

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    Thank you Jundo. As I've already noted, this is an excellent exercise for checking and containing the ego, considering response rather than reaction, and for clarifying thoughts.
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    More than happy to abide by this! If anything, what itís done for me in the short time Iíve been here, is that itís made me think carefully about what I say and how I say it, to make sure Iím clear, respectful, considerate and brief, making it easy for others to read and understand me.

    Thank you!


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    Thank you, Jundo. I will do my best to honor this request.

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    Ooooh I like this,
    forced tonne succinct.
    We can do it!!!?!
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    Thank you Jundo for being you. I truly appreciate all that you have done for me! I have the little vase with the Heart Sutra on my alter! You have or maybe it has been me but by golly you have been every step you have helped so many of us! Never forget. A man who has friends is a rich man, and you have many friends. Just a guy.
    st/ lah
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    I was just wondering if I was missing something with everyone apologizing for running long(which to me a paragraph is nothing) and I was. I'll try to be more succinct in the future. My apologies.
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