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Thread: Hiroshi Sugimoto

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    Hiroshi Sugimoto

    I just wanted to share a link to a film about the photographer/artist Hiroshi Sugimoto.

    There are many shorter films about the artist on You Tube.

    I only heard about this artist yesterday - recommended by an artist friend. I'm loving his work and the conceptual ideas that inspire it.
    The second half of the film goes into this more - fascinating work connected to a Shinto shrine, the importance of imaginative/spiritual
    connection with our ancestors, and the realization of an internal memory (that we all have the potential to realise?) of when we first became aware
    of our consciousness as a being in time and of our mortality. For Sugimoto this moment was a view of the ocean as a child and is beautifully represented in his series 'Seascapes' which have a timeless/Zen quality.

    I wondered - could this be a project for our group to explore. I'm wondering now how I might capture/locate that 'first image' and represent as a visual image.

    The artist quotes from The Heike Monogatari ' We see what must be seen - and disappear into the sea'

    all evocative and inspiring.



    Sat Today

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    As I just replied on the other thread, HS is one of my favourite photographers and his Seascapes have been a constant inspiration to me.
    I think you've answered your own question, a fascinating and appropriate project is right there in your words - it's quite a challenge but I'm already thinking about how to work with it.
    Please let's continue with this discussion.
    Sattoday lah
    命 Mei - life
    島 Tou - island

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    Oh interesting, yes we were discussing him elsewhere recently. This sounds a very interesting idea.




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    Thank you Meitou and Heiso. Any other links that you have would be greatly appreciated.
    I had a look at a book/catalogue that goes with his seascapes project but it was very expensive - prints equally so as he only releases a few.
    The similarity with Rothko is fascinating.

    I would love to continue the discussion - first time in so long that I feel inspired to produce some creative work.



    Sat today

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    Thank you jinyo,

    Inspiring. Beautiful.
    And a glass staircase!



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